Shipping Policy

Efficient, Economical, and Quality Shipping:
At DANA, we prioritize efficient, cost-effective, and secure shipping for your convenience. Our shipping charges are based solely on actual costs, often lower than expected, while safeguarding your shipment through insurance coverage.

Shipping Schedule and Temperature Considerations:
Shipments occur on Mondays and Tuesdays to prevent weekend transit. If temperatures are projected below 35°F or above 79°F at the delivery site, we will store your wine in our temperature-controlled warehouse. For Ground shipments, route conditions are also considered. By forecasting weather ten days ahead, we accommodate variances beyond predictions. During summer months, we will utilize Summer Solutions via UPS (2-day shipping cost, for overnight air shipment.

Special Requests and State Regulations:
Should your order require timely delivery, contact us to arrange it. DANA complies with state laws, exclusively shipping off-site orders to Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, and more. For comprehensive state details, visit

Specific State Regulations:

  • Florida: Prohibits wine over 3.0 liters.
  • Louisiana: Bans wine under 750 ml.
  • Maine: Forbids wine below 750 ml.
  • Delaware, Louisiana, and Rhode Island: Permit on-site, not off-site, shipments.
  • Signature Required: Law mandates wine deliveries to secure addresses.
  • Payment and Tax: Credit card charged upon order; tax varies by state.
  • International Orders: Inquire at 707.963.4365.

Age Verification and Responsibility:
DANA exclusively sells and ships to those aged 21 or older. Orders require birthdate confirmation, affirming recipient and buyer age. Upon delivery, ID proof of age is mandatory. False representation is a crime, leading to prosecution with full cooperation.
For any queries, contact us. Your order confirmation email provides a cost breakdown.

Thank you for choosing DANA for your wine experience.