The Purity of Place

Vineyard rows and soil

DANA Estate pursues the purest expression of place. With each bottling, we highlight a distinctive single-vineyard site at its best — blending the finest lots from the site to achieve a precise and balanced expression. Our terroir-driven wines showcase the magnificent diversity of Napa Valley, from rocky, rugged mountains to ancient riverbeds on the valley floor.

In Sanskrit, “dana” means the spirit of generosity, and DANA winemakers Chris Cooney and Philippe Melka honor the generosity of nature through uncompromising quality standards and minimalist intervention. The dozen lotuses on the DANA label represent the months of the grapevine’s lifecycle, as well as the 12 symbolic animals in the Lunar Zodiac tradition.

The lotus itself symbolizes three key elements of DANA’s story: adversity, as we strive to farm in harmony with nature; rebirth, as we revitalize an historic ghost winery with contemporary hospitality; and purity — the ultimate goal for DANA wines.